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Home Selling Tips

Here are some tips to keep in mind when preparing to sell your home:

1. Keep it clean.  It’s hard, but it will be an indication to the prospective buyers as to how the home was kept.

2. Offer a Home Warranty.  Even if you don’t pay for it, make it available to your prospective buyers, so they feel protected.

3. Choose a local real estate agent.  A super star agent from another area may not be a super star for you.  Local agents know the market, and stay in touch with both prospective buyers and sellers meaning that they will know more people ready to buy your home whether its a first time buyer or a move up buyer.

4. Know that “price cures everything”.  If your agent tells you to lower the price, they’re not just trying to give your home away, they are trying to get it sold for you.

5. Ask questions – lots of them.  It’s your home and your investment, so be sure you are 100% comfortable with what is going on.

6. Make sure your agent has a marketing plan.  It takes more than just putting a home on the multiple listing service (MLS) to get it sold.

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