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Interior Home Improvements To Make Your Home More Attractive to Buyers

Giving your home ‘curb appeal’ from the outside is critical and just as important is making sure buyers fall in love with your home’s interior. Here are some interior improvements to give your home an inside edge over your competitors:

1. Hallway/Living Room First
The first room usually seen on the inside of the home is the hallway leading to the living room. This is where you want to wowyour buyers because once they have it in their minds that they like the look of your home, they will give the house serious consideration. The key to this room is to make it as welcoming as possible by brightening it up with light colored paint and reducing the clutter.

2. Clean Kitchens/Bathrooms
People spend a lot of time in both the kitchen and the bathrooms and they will inspect these rooms closely when searching for the right home. Make sure these rooms are sparkling clean and without blemish.

3. Reduce/Eliminate Clutter
When you are serious about selling your home, you can no longer live in it the way you want, that is an unfortunate fact-of-life. Your home is now on display for buyers and the last thing they want to see is personal items cluttering the place up. Get rid of all the clutter you can. This will show more open space and allow your buyers to imagine living in your home.

4. Re-paint to a Neutral Color
Repainting is a relatively inexpensive way to enhance the look and feel of your home’s interior. Paint your home a neutral off-white color that blends well with the furniture you will have remaining after you de-clutter the place.

Closing Thoughts
These tips will get you started toward attracting top dollar for your home and a top real estate professional can help you pull all this off. Realtors often have stagers on their team to help with your home’s interior makeover. Your realtor may also be able to bring in a home inspector to ensure all interior and exterior blemishes are addressed and repaired.

About the Author
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